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Fibre Maven Online - Closing Sale

Fibre Maven Online - Closing Sale


Fibre Maven Online
2019 Closing Out Mega Clearance Sale!

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close down the Fibre Maven online shop.

The time and space needed to run an online store doesn't fit with the needs of our family at this time. With three young children at home we simply need more space and time spent with them.

The Fibre Maven Website will remain open for the remainder of 2019, through the close out sale and will then be shut down for 2020.

Sharing is caring so, I've reduced all remaining inventory to wholesale pricing & beyond!

I'll still be around on IG and and my neglected Etsy store! So please stay in touch!



Weaver Collaboration!!!

Weaver Collaboration!!!

I'm happy to spread the news! 

On November 15th, Seawater Weaving will be stocking their website with babywrap carriers, neckwear, purses, bags, coin purses...so many things! I'm excited to see them all! I'm also very excited to say that I was lucky enough to weave up these beautiful hand dyed wefts and warp. 


 [ID-a blue/grey/brown/cream woven cloth laying in the background, with the words "Ship Shop Restocking, November 15, 11:00am EST" typed in white.]