Happy New Year Fibre Mavens!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year full of an abundance of time to work on all of your creative projects!

Fibre Maven in 2020

2020 will see me focus more on my beginnings as a maker. Free weaving, handmade scarves, blankets, wall hangings and some new handmade waxed canvas bags. These will be listed for sale on the Etsy store. I would also love to offer some small weaving loom kits & curated fibre kits using yarns you can't find in other kits. As you know I have a love for Malabrigo, textured natural yarns and Habu Textiles so the kits may incorporate some of these these yarns. 

I'd love to continue this journey with all of you!

Sending you the very best in 2020,


Etsy & Instagram

You might be wondering....what on Earth happened to all of the inventory on this site?

Well, I'm switching focus from this website to my Etsy store & I'd really love for you to join me there:


I'll also be continuing my IG account & Etsy shop updates will be announced there.


Handwoven Cowls

For sale in the Fibre Maven Etsy store. More to come!

Chunky Scarves & Blanket Scarves

Who loves spilkpaca? Who loves speckle? Who loves chunky fringed scarves or blanket scarves? Coming to Fibre Maven Etsy in 2020.

Handmade Wall Hangings

Coming to Fibre Maven Etsy in 2020.

Handmade Dry Oilskin Bags

Merchant & Mills has an amazing selection of dry oilskin and hardware.  It's water resistant, perfect for handmade bags, is a great alternative to leather and just looks better with use. Coming to the Fibre Maven Etsy store in 2020. Look at these colours! 

Funem Studio Weaving Looms

I have some remaining Funem Studio inventory that will be added to the Etsy store in 2020.