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Maiwa Ciba Washfast Acid Dye Kit

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This kit comes with 3 x 30g tins of ciba dye (yellow, turquoise, and fushcia), 500g glaubers salt, a sample of orvus paste soap and the Maiwa Ciba info sheet.

These dry powder dyes are the easiest of the acid dyes to work with. They are very concentrated, mixable, and have good lightfastness and washfastness on all protein fibers such as wool, alpaca, mohair, silk and nylon. One ounce of dye (approx. 30g) will dye five pounds (approx. 2 kilos) of fiber a medium shade. These dyes are bright, economical, and they exhaust well. Because of that and the fact that you can use them with common vinegar, they are considered a "low impact" dye.

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