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2018 Fully Loaded Megado 2.0 Compu-Dobby Floor Loom - Pre-owned by Fibre Maven

$19,995.00 $32,327.00 saving $12,332.00
Megado Dobby Floor Loom - Fibre Maven & Va Va Valoom Handwoven

2018 Fully Loaded Megado 2.0 Compu-Dobby Floor Loom - Pre-owned by Fibre Maven

$19,995.00 $32,327.00 saving $12,332.00

For the weaver who wants to explore complex weaving, production weaving or simply enjoy the Cadillac of weaving looms. This innovative dobby loom is the flagship of the Louet family and our top-end dobby loom. The ease of complex weaving often comes as a surprise to even the most experienced weaver! The Megado is simple, easy to operate, and robust enough to handle all your projects. One long treadle is simpler and gives a tremendous mechanical advantage that allows a weaver to lift as many as 30 harnesses with ease. No other multi-harness loom treadles as light and creates as large a shed, even with a very high tension on the warp.

Our electronic Dobby uses wi-fi to connect with a tablet, smart phone or computer.   Operating software resides on the built-in computer to simplify weaving.   Design on your own software, save the wif file on a flash drive and load it onto the dobby.  Several software packages that work with the Megado interface include: Fiberworks PCW, Patternland, PixieLoom, Weavemaker, Proweave and Weave It. The Megado interface supports both PC and MacIntosh operating platforms. It’s a revolutionary system!


  • 51 1/4″ (130cm) weaving width
  • 32 harnesses (1700 heddles) (pre-installed)
  • Electronic dobby 2.0


  • Made of Ash hardwood and is finished with a double coat of semi-gloss lacquer
  • The most complex castle section is pre-assembled
  • A countermarch shed
  • Connects via wi-fi to a tablet, smart phone or computer
  • The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts
  • Supports both PC and Mac operation systems
  • The main treadle and also the optional weaving bench are adjustable in height to accommodate the weaver’s physical requirements.
  • The Louet floating breast beam, a unique warp tension control system, which allows the weaver to set and check the warp tension each time the warp is advanced
  • 1,000 extra heddles
  • Temple
  • Warp Tension Regulator
  • Aid for Sectional Warping
  • Lease Sticks 


  • A large shelf
  • Built-in raddle
  • A stainless-steel reed 40-10 (metric)
  • Texsolv heddles (392 mm)
  • Lease and tie-up sticks
  • Sixteen warp sticks


    • 392mm heddles (packages of 50) (1000 extra)
    • Bench – height adjustable 23-28”Tilting Bench Kit
    • 2nd warp beam
    • Sectional warp kits (2 kits)
    • Sectional aid and warp tension 
    • Electronic Dobby
    • Fly Shuttle Device
    • Fly Shuttle with pirns
    • Foot Rest
    • Temple
    • Hand Bobbin Winder with paper quills

    Dimensions (wxdxh)
    Megado 130: 71 1/4″ x 50″ x 51 5/8″ (181 x 127 x 131 cm)


    Megado 130: 203 lb (92 kg)

    Add 29 lb (13 kg) for 32 harness loom

    This is a special studio demo sale item. It requires pick-up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Asking $19,995.00 CDN.

    ***I have a project for a friend on the loom and will be done weaving it in October/November.***