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Still in the box! The studio has had a change of direction to smaller wall hangings and I'm no longer hand dyeing yarn so this has not been used. Purchased in 2019. My loss is your gain!

  • Adjustable Skein Size: Circumferences from 36 inches up to 61*, 89, or 116 inches
  • Convenient Size Markings: Markings every quarter yard
  • Variable Speed Control: Wind as slow as 30rpm or as fast as 300rpm
  • High Speed: Wind up to 500 yards in just one minute
  • Remote Control Box: Place the control on the left or right, or use handheld (3½ foot cord)
  • Electronic Revolution Counter: Silently track the number of revolutions (optional)
  • Easy to Read Counter: Counter is conveniently placed at the front of the foot, for easy viewing from the front. (optional)
  • Triple Skein Configuration: Wind up to three skeins at once (optional)
  • Large Capacity: Up to one pound of wool per skein
  • Versatile Yarn Handling: Wind any yarn from lace weight to super bulky (up to ½" in diameter)
  • Starting Clips: Easy to use clips hold the leading end of the yarn, no need to tie yarn to the peg
  • Industrial Drive Belt: V-belt drive will not slip or wear out
  • Environmentally Friendly Finish: A blend of natural oils, beeswax and citrus based solvent
  • Overall: 31" wide × 16" deep × 35" tall
  • Base: 18" wide × 16" deep

Winding Speed

Minimum Speed
  • 30 RPM
    • 2 Yard - 36 inches per second
Maximum Speed
  • 200 RPM
    • 2 Yard - 240 inches per second

Yarn Capacity (per skein)

  • 2 Yard - Up to 2 pounds of yarn

$805.00 UDS New - Selling for $800.00 CDN 


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