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Well, here in Ottawa, one day it's scarf season the next it feels like summer...oh September you are so transitional and somewhat confused.
I wanted to share with you, some beautiful piles of Malabrigo yarns that are in studio!
 Their brand new, super soft, 100% pima cotton! That's right. Pima!!! Can you say easy care baby blankets and accessories? Eeep!
Mechita in their new gradient colour ways: Moon Trio, Quinteto and a few from their speckled collection.

The amazing, Susurro is 50% Mulberry silk, 25% Merino, and 25% Linen wound as a single ply into a DK/Sport weight. I literally gasped when I opened the box and saw it. I can't explain how much depth the colour has and how soft this blend is!

I also grabbed some natural Rasta because who doesn't love Rasta? If you are into dyeing yarn these would be amazing to dye up and crochet into a hat or scarf.

Oh, wow I almost forgot about the Nube sample kits I ordered. So colourful and perfect for spinning or making some really amazing wall hangings!








Check them out!


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